Our Style: Classic Seersucker

My Style: Seersucker Dress (c/0 Nantucket Brand), H&M Jean Jacket (similar), Made With Love Bracelets, Prima donna necklace, old Bandalino sandals

His Style: American Rag Tee (similar), Seersucker Shorts (c/o Nantucket Brand), Maui Jim Sunglasses

If you’ve been reading along at Happily Ever After the Wedding lately, you’ll know one of my main goals now when it comes to fashion is to focus on adding classic pieces to my wardrobe over more trendy items. I want items in my closet that will never go out of style and are versatile when it comes to styling. It’s all part of downsizing what I do have and finally being able to see what I own in my closet! It’s a first for me, not having $200 worth of “stuff” showing up in a box on the front door. Stuff that would more than likely sit around in the closet with tags on until the next donation run…. 

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Life Stuff: Shades of Gray

29ca62d47c346008d7e1242625fdbd3e Sorry to disappoint you if you totally thought this post was going down the path of Christian Gray and all that is 50 Shades. Well actually, 50 Shades of Gray is somewhat appropriate now that I think about it. Because as of this past Saturday night, I have close to 50 shades of gray….50 freaking shades of gray on TOP OF MY HEAD! And I’d be lying to you if I said I played it cool and didn’t freak out. I had a semi-major freakout.

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My Style: Pretty Good at Drinkin’ Beer

Target jacket (similar), T by Alexander Wang t-shirt, Paige denim jeans (similar), Primma donna boots (in brown), similar in black

I remember my first beer in college like it was yesterday. Yep, I said college. Go right ahead and make the “L” shape on your forehead a la Clueless right now. It’s ok. Ready to continue? Have that out of your system? Good.  While most of my friends were making the ugliest faces possible, some doing their best not to spit it back out (I lived in the Science and Engineering Dorm. We had allll been sheltered little lambs growing up.), I was pleasantly surprised. Toss in activities built around beer like cases races, beer pong and the plethora of card games and well…I was hooked!… 

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Real Weddings: South African Anniversary

I haven’t posted a Real Wedding in a while, but after coming across this anniversary shoot, it would be a huge disservice to NOT share this with you. In fact, I’m kicking my own ass for not thinking of this very same thing when the hubby and I were there in 2011! He’s already been told whenever we make it back there, we WILL BE doing something similar to this. There will be a cheetah, maybe an elephant too.  … 

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What to Wear: Spring 2014′s Most Wanted

As usual when Spring rolls around, my wish list never stops expanding! After doing a huge closet purge last month, tossing about six bags worth of stuff into the donation pile (along with 40 pairs of shoes!!), I’m trying my best to balance adding more classic pieces to my wardrobe as well as a few of those gotta have its. I feel my Spring’s Most Wanted has a healthy mix of both…. 

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